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The Cycle of Czech and Slovak Film: Baba z ledu (Ice Mother)

A warm and sensitive comic drama about love in the autumn of life takes us to Prague among winter swimmers and reminds us that it is never too late for another chance in life. The main character, an almost seventy-year old widow Hana has dedicated her life to her two sons and their families, but they don’t show much gratitude. Then one day Hana during a walk by the Vltava saves a drowning man from the freezing water, after which he invites her to a community of winter swimmers. Hana’s life, previously side-tracked, thus begins to wake up. As a curiosity: winter swimming outside, mainly in natural waters, has a long tradition in the Czech Republic and is also an official sport discipline.

Directed by: Bohdan Slama, 106 min; 2017. Initial presentation of the film: Oskar Šubic. The projection will take place in the hall of the library and over the online platform Vimeo. A small attention will be shown to all female visitors for the Women’s Day. For online viewing we collect registrations at