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The “Razgovoruša” reading group

Welcome to the “Razgovoruša” reading group, which meets every second Wednesday from October to May. We will read and discuss works, written by the authors born in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We will read the originals and the Slovene translations. You will be able to speak in the language closest to you. For casual environment and easier expression of your impressions the “razgovoruša”, the coffee we drink while deliberating, will take care of.

Why are you silent, Hava? is a book by the young author Selma Skenderović from Koper, composed of 15 short stories, narrated by Hava. Despite the hero having been in her childhood a victim of prejudice, helplessness, and fear, she now changes silence for the right to speak. As the writer and the author’s mentor Suzana Tratnik says in her foreword:

We have in front of us a courageous writing, that in a sovereign manner deals with the unpleasant, invisible and concealed topics, with differences, hostilities, as well as with anxiety and consumer’s mentality. The author doesn’t take the position of the excluded, privileged Author, but rather of a live commentator. The writing of Selma Skenderović is always compassionate towards differences, although these are often illustrated mercilessly and sharply, while the narrator committedly reaches into the plot and so into the narrative flow.

A heart-breaking and touching narration that forces you into action, and invites you to a life of tolerant coexistence.


Illustration: Vedran Klemens