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Black Raven and the White Crows

Josip Mlakić
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Josip Mlakić

Black Raven and the White Crows

»This novel is my showdown with the political elite and what they have done to us. The feeling is even worse when one remembers how many people have died and how much property was destroyed to get what we have today,« said Josip Mlakić about the crime novel Black Raven and White Crows. It is a framework for the authentic depiction of the state of current society in Bosnia. Investigation into the murder of a young man Safet Hodžić leads investigators from Travnik and Vitez to Zenica and Sarajevo. We follow the criminalists Vinko and Sadik who were on opposite sides in the war and today they are chasing their share in the corrupt system. False prophets, emphasized religiosity, national intolerance cannot keep them alive. They cover eachother’s backs until the end. Vinko, who survives to the end of the story, doesn’t hand over the results of the investigation to his superiors but to the one he knows will excercise his right without a corrupt system. Bloody but fair in the country of »cheap ingenuity of hochstapler bullshit« as experienced by one of the characters in the novel. In the LCL one can find Mlakić’s newer books »Bezdan« (2016) and »Skica u ledu« (2018).

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