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Blood of elves

Andrzej Sapkowski
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Andrzej Sapkowski

Blood of elves

Witcher or according to the magazine Joker, Wizard, is a character from the world, created by the Polish fantasy writer Andrzej Sapkowski, and has gained its wide popularity with the adaptation to a three-part computer game. In the book Blood of Elves, which is a sequel to a series of short stories and simultaneously forms the initial of the five books of The Witcher saga, the emphasis is on a girl Cira, the mysterious descendant of the queen Calantha. In a war marked fantasy world, named by Sapkowski simply the Continent, Geralt from Rivia, a wizard, protects the young Ciri from the unknown pursuer. Ciri trains in swordplay in the Kaer Morhen castle, but Geralt soon finds out, that the girl hides within her an unusual and uncontrollable power, shown in scary behaviour. He asks the wizard Triss to help, but the girl’s power is too much for her, so they travel to the more experienced wizard Yennefer in hope that she will be able to help the girl. (MŠ)

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