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Boyhood island

Karl Ove Knausgard
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Karl Ove Knausgard

Boyhood island

The third part of the Norwegian autobiographic saga My Struggle is a novel about childhood; the narration begins with the arrival of the Knausgard family to the Tromoeya island, Yngve is four years old, Karl Ove is only a baby. Events, feelings, perceptions, deliberations preserve a child’s view, but are simultaneously given with a sovereign writing of an adult. The charm of Knausgard’s narration continues, the genuine and charismatic writing awakes in the reader long forgotten memories, associations and traumas. The narration ends when Karl Ove was thirteen, and moved to the vicinity of Kristiansand. The novel may be read independently as a story about growing up, since the knowledge of two previous parts is not necessary for the understanding of circumstances, but the book with no doubt raises an interest in reading the other (five) parts of the series. (VVŠ)

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