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Das Ende der Stille

Ulrike Kuckero
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Ulrike Kuckero

Das Ende der Stille

A teenager, Antonia, accidentally finds a key in her grandmother’s bedroom and instantly knows which door it unlocks. In the basement, behind a locked door, a surprise awaits her – an old dusty piano. Surprised and curious, she opens the lid. Whose is it? To whom the yellowed photos and notes belong to? Not a single person in her family listens to music or play an instrument, the music isn’t part of the family life. With the couriosity grows her wish to learn to play the piano. With youthful enthusiasm, she discovers her unknown musical talent and steps on the toes of a well hidden family secret. In addition to an interesting story in which complex family relationships are gradually revealed, the book is also distinguished by masterful descriptions of the music experience. This is definitely a book for music lovers of all ages. (MK)

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