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Ethics and the golden rule

Harry J. Gensler
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Harry J. Gensler

Ethics and the golden rule

The book Ethics and the Golden Rule, published in 2013 by Routledge, deals with the issues that arise when dealing with the golden rule. It is usually summed up by the words: “Do to others what you want others to do to you.” Not only is it a contact element of the most varied religions, it is also a rule, taken as central guideline principle in life also by many completely unreligious people. Despite its extraordinary value and widespread prevalence, it is considered often by scholars to be unclear, which leads to absurdities, when we attempt to formulate it more precisely. The author, Harry J. Gensler, defends the rule. He deals with all the major philosophical objections and highlights some of the most common misunderstandings as well as its misguided uses. He deals with the issue with a clear and logical approach, enriched by practical wisdom, historical educatedness, and the acknowledgement of various religious perspectives. According to the philosopher Jeffrey Wattles, who deals with the same issue, Gensler’s contribution brings new, higher standards in the manner of treatment of this ethical principle. (Kristina Košič Humar)

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