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The cannon was red hot

Vladimir Kecmanović
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Vladimir Kecmanović

The cannon was red hot

Avtor was born in 1972 in Sarajevo. The story about the horrors of war during the Sarajevo siege told by an eleven year-old Serbian boy who becomes mute from the moment a grenade kills his parents right before his eyes. Despite the difficult living conditions, he is taken in by a Muslim woman neighbour, but this solution is only temporary and the war continues. The peculiarity of the novel is not only the point of view of a narrator but also his original way of the narration: the story is given with short, poetic, content–intensive sentances which distinctively describe the essence. The novel was awarded by Borislav Pekić and Meša Selimović Awards. After the story, a film with the same title was made. (VVŠ)

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