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The handmaid’s tale

Renee Nault
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Renee Nault

The handmaid’s tale

In the Gilead Republic women mustn’t be employed and may not socialize among each other. They are divided into classes; those, who are fertile, and may carry a child, those, who can’t, and those who are the wives of important men and wait for children of servants to raise them. Offred serves in commander’s house and her only duty is to lay down once a month with the commander and hopes to get pregnant as it is her only value to be fertile. But Offred still remembers her previous life, when she was married, when she had her own name, when she was a free woman, who gave birth to a wonderful girl and then lost her as she was taken away to Gilead. Will she be able to satisfy the needs of the republic, will she perhaps find a way out of it? Read the story by Margaret Atwood, turned into a comic book that was beautifully portrayed by the artist Renee Nault. (SJ)

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