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The year of magical thinking

Joan Didion
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Joan Didion

The year of magical thinking

The author is a legendary literary journalist and writer. At the end of December 2003, her husband, John Gregory Dunne, also a writer, who she was married with for forty years, died. Most of this time they spent together in harmony, as much as 24 hours daily as they were creating from home. Prior to her husband’s death their thirty-eight-year old daughter became severely ill and so the writer found herself worrying about her as well. In memorial notes of The Year of Magical Thinking she speaks about the experience of a family tragedy, about loss, grieving, lonely combat with the new reality, about limitlessly painful feelings that give birth to numerous questions and touch each of us. The book was first published in 2005. In 2011 she published a “sequel”, the book Blue Nights, an unconventional book of memories and reflections in which the connecting motif is the mother’s facing with her daughter’s destiny. (VVŠ)

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