Monday, 6. March 2023

IFLA ENSULIB Webinar: Șirna Library in Romania

IFLA ENSULIB is inviting you to the next in a series of webinars. This time the inspiring story of a small countryside library Șirna in Romania and its path to a more sustainable development of the community that started in 2014, when it became aware of the IFLA ENSULIB principles, will be presented. Based on the Șirna example the webinar will guide you through a process of the empowerment of small libraries to get involved in global dialogues and join international networks of green libraries. Together with their communities they may learn to create new opportunities for growth and development as well as gain the support from the available financial sources in the region. The presented examples of activities were inspired by participants in the IFLA Green library network at the meetings in the National and University Library Zagreb and in the projects of the Diechman Bjørvik Library in Oslo, and are supported by the European programme Erasmus+.

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