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Getting new skills for the library




The main goal of the project of mobility within the Erasmus+ programme is to improve professional and personal competencies of the Ljubljana City Library employees.

Target group

The employees of the Ljubljana City Library


The project covered four working visits (mobility) of the employees that lasted for five days. Four staff members who work in education and providing information to adult library users from several target groups like the unemployed, the lower educated, and the elderly, took part in the mobility project. We have chosen four partner organizations that have experience and skills in working with selected target user-groups: perfection of services and education for job seekers (City of Vantaa Library and information services, Finland), building digital literacy (Monaghan County Council Library Services, Ireland), providing health information and education (Stoke-on-Trent City Council, United Kingdom), and linguistic training (Volkshochschule-Stadtbibliothek Linz, Austria). The participants have beside observing the working process of the partner organization also presented the work of the LCL and the operating of Slovenian system of adult education.

Cooperation in the project enabled an overview of the way of working in partner organizations. Good examples from abroad will be brought into everyday work of the LCL and elsewhere by the participants. Participation in the mobility project brought about improvement of quality of adult education, new skills, additional references in cooperation at the European level and raising LCL’s profile as a possible host of mobility in adult education.

The benefits to the participants of the project:

  • Improved practical skills for work (planning and carrying out adult education).
  • Broader understanding of adult education in Europe.
  • Improved linguistic competencies in English and other chosen foreign languages.
  • Increased digital literacy through use of ICT.
  • Increased capability of preparing or cooperating in international projects.


Simona Šinko, PhD