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LinkINjob: job-hunting with the help of librarians


2014 – 2016


Training of library staff working with the unemployed and development of learning and motivational activities for the unemployed in public libraries.

Target group

The unemployed and employees of public libraries


Project LinkINjob: job hunting with the help of librarians started in collaboration with public libraries from Bulgaria, Ireland, Romania, Austria, Lithuania and Finland within the framework of the Erasmus+ program KA2 – Strategic partnerships in adult education. The Ljubljana City Library coordinated the project.

Intellectual output of the project LinkINjob are e-Guidelines of good practices in learning activities for the unemployed. Within the project an analysis was carried out on national unemployment policies and good-practices of educational activities for the unemployed in individual collaborating states. An educational program for those who organize and lead courses for the unemployed was also developed. In the final phase of the project the partners prepared and carried out 32 learning activities for the unemployed, out of which ten were based on the use of information and communications technology.

By upgrading librarians’ skills and by using innovative educational methods we wished to improve employment possibilities of the unemployed within collaborating states. In public libraries we developed new activities for the unemployed and set up new modes of cooperation between education field and labour market in all participating states.


Simona Šinko