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Rules of protection and processing personal data on the basis of personal consent

By your consent we will process your personal data and personal data of your charge for the purpose of informing about our courses and other educational events, notifying about our activities, and presenting statistical data to state and municipality organs, as well as for other purposes, the data have been collected for. Your personal data will not be accessible to general public. As we value data protection, we will protect your data in accordance with valid regulations and with high degree of responsibility.

1. Information on the administrator and the authorised person for data protection

Official title of the administrator: Ljubljana City Library
Address of the administrator: Kersnikova ulica 2, 1000 Ljubljana
Responsible person: Teja Zorko, M. Sc., managing director
Authorised officer for data protection: Katja Brank, deputy Vesna Trobec
Contact of the authorised officer for data protection: Ljubljana City Library, Kersnikova ulica 2, 1000 Ljubljana; phone: 01 308 50 00; e-mail:

2. Purpose of processing, legal grounds of processing, and users of personal data

Your personal data will be processed with your consent for the purpose of:

  • informing you about our educational courses and other events
  • keeping in touch with you in connection with our activities
  • informing you about our services
  • presenting statistical data to state and municipality organs and other institutions of public authority
  • and for other purposes, as it is precisely defined in your consent.

We do not carry out automated decision making on the basis of personal data processing.

We inform you that we will process only the personal data you have given consent to. Personal data is collected on the basis of your explicit, free, undoubtable consent. For personal data of the charge the consent of his or her legal representative is necessary. We keep the consents along with the content of the form by which they have been gathered.

Personal data will be processed only by those persons in the library who have legal grounds for processing in individual cases:

  • in case of events and educational courses: heads of events and educational departments and those who lead the events and have to report as well as to carry out other obligations ralated to the event or educational course;
  • for other activities of the library: all whose duty is to carry out and report about or have other obligations in connection with a concrete activity;
  • for notifications, connected with our activity: a person who is by the director’s order in charge to send notifications in a concrete case as well as persons who execute control;
  • for preparation of statistics: a person who is by the director’s order obliged to make statistics in a concrete case and send notifications to responsible organs;
  • for other legitimate and legal purpose: a person or persons who are in charge to comply with these purposes.

In any case a person responsible for protection of personal data access will also have access to these data, when carrying out the designated tasks.

In case personal data are transferred in concrete cases to an external contractor, we will while ensuring your security, take care that there is an appropriate contract on processing of information with the external contractor and that the external contractor respects the protection of information.

3. Transferring of personal data to another country.

Personal data and databases of personal information are kept on the territory of the Republic of Slovenia and are not transferred to other states.

4. Period of keeping

Personal data of an individual that have been collected on the basis of consent are kept until the revocation, unless there is another basis for keeping the information. In any case the data are erased immediately after there is no more legal grounds for keeping them.

5. Rights of individuals

As an individual I am aware:

  • That I may at any time revoke my consent (right to revoke), which does not influence the lawfulness of data processing that was happening on the basis of the consent prior to the revocation. The revocation may be notified to the contact info given in point 1 of these Rules;
  • That in case of the revocation I will no longer be informed on the activities of the administrator and will no longer be invited to events, educational courses and other activities carried out by the administrator;
  • That I may at any time demand from the administrator to provide me with access to my personal data and to the information on whether the administrator is currently processing my data (right to getting the information and right to access the data);
  • That I may demand from the administrator to correct my incorrect data without unnecessary delay (right to correction) or to erase the data, except in cases when regulation demands from the administrator that the data are kept (right to erasure);
  • That I may at any time demand from the administrator to process my personal data in limited way when I dispute the incorrectness of data or when the data are no longer needed in accordance with the purpose of processing and I need the data for legal matters or when I issue an objection (right to limitation of processing);
  • That I may demand from the administrator to send me my personal data or to send them to another administrator (right to transfer of data);
  • That I may issue a complaint to the Information Commissioner of the Republic of Slovenia. The contact of the Commissioner is reachable on the Commissioner’s web site (right to complaint); and
  • That the administrator will not process my personal data for another purpose, except for the purpose for which they were collected, and that the administrator will in the opposite notify me prior to further processing and provide me with all the required information.

As an individual I am also aware:

  • That I may issue an objection concerning the processing of my personal data on the basis of which the library will stop processing them (right to an objection), unless other necessary legitimate interests for processing prevail over my interests.

We also inform you that we will do everything within our power to help you implement your rights.

6. Miscellaneous

In case of a change in regulation concerning personal data protection the administrator is obliged to act in accordance with the regulation change.

The Rules of protection and processing of personal data on the basis of individual consent apply from 18th May 2018, and are used from 25th May 2018 onward,

Number: 043-5/2018-1
Ljubljana, 18th May 2018

Teja Zorko, M. Sc., Managing director