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The Employment Information Service

The Employment Information Service is intended for all who seek employment or work – the employed, the unemployed, students and high school pupils, the pensioners. We provide various information, free use of computers and the possibility of printing documents that are needed while seeking employment. We offer information about employment, education, economy, social services and free legal assistance. Our professional associate is available for assistance in finding the relevant information, as well as in writing job applications and CV’s. Basic informational literacy training is provided for and all of our users are encouraged at individual research and the searc for information.

The Employment Information Service offers various types of informal education and organizes free workshops, lectures, motivational meetings on how to enhance your employment possibilities. We also provide for individual career coaching as a special type of informal education taking as much time as it is needed.

All of the services of Employment Information Service are available to our members for free.

Our library provides for two information services: in Oton Župančič Library and in Fužine Library.

Additional information is available personally at the location of the Employment Information Service, or over the telephone.

Opening hours
Mon: 9.00–16.00
Tue: 10.00–16.00
Wed: 9.00–16.00
Thu: 9.00–16.00
Fri: 9.00–16.00

01 308 51 21

Contact: Ana Berce