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The Ljubljana City Library is the largest public library in Slovenia, with 35 branches and 47 mobile library stops, and the most networked cultural institution in Ljubljana.

At our place you may find your next favourite book, borrow a movie, listen to music, use the facilities for creativity, or simply learn something new.

You may visit cultural events, meet with friends, afford yourself virtual access in the library or outside it. From wherever you access us, books, films, magazines and information in digital form will never run out.

If you search for instructive, artistic, entertaining or other contents, we can help you to find them – be them preserved on traditional or digital media.



We are the leading public library in Slovenia and are consolidating our position as one of the most exciting public libraries in the international sphere. By introducing bold and innovative practices in the field of culture and education, we improve the social position of Slovenian citizens and strengthen the international positioning of Slovenian libraries.


May I eat a sandwich in the library?

Eating of snacks and drinking coffee are allowed in specially designated spaces or parts of the library.

May I talk in the library?

Of course, talking in the library is desired, but at a reasonable loudness. In the reading rooms, however, silence is desired.

May I propose to the library the purchase of materials that I miss?

We are happy to see your proposals. Write to us!

May I offer to carry out an event or education?

You are welcome, write to us at

How may I find my next favourite book?

It is best to ask a librarian, but you may also ask an e-librarian.

What services may I use in the library even though I am not a member?

All visitors who are not members are welcome to the library, where you may read, study, wait for a train or a bus, drink a coffee, have a chat with librarians, or merely rest.

Do the physically handicapped and child prams have access to the libraries?

Most of the libraries are adequately accessible for the physically disabled.

Where may I print my product using a 3D printer?

At a workshop or under the watchful eye of a mentor in the LCL Polje Library.

Can I play the guitar in the library?

Yes. Visit the Mediateque of the LCL Oton Župančič Library, where there is an isolated space for playing.

How many books may I borrow the most?

As many as you can read in 21 days.