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Gameljne Library

Operating hours

Mon13.3019.00 Tue13.3019.00 Wed// Thu13.3019.00 Fri13.3019.00 Sat//
Internet access
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Srednje Gameljne 50, 1211 Ljubljana-Šmartno
01 308 52 50

Head librarian
Maja Mirkov


1, 1B, 1S, 8 (Gameljne)


Location of library: Gameljne Library

The Gameljne library is located in the basement of the town dome building in Srednje Gameljne. Outside the environment of the city’s rush you will find in our library all that you need.

We hold a diverse and extensive collection of works of fiction of all genres and interesting contents of popular and professional literature. The children and the youth shall find in our library the materials, required for school and for quality leisure time. For children and adults, who desire some relaxation, a regularly updated collection of movies, musical and other CDs is available as well.

For families with younger children a playroom with interesting wall paintings is available without limitations. Here fairy-tale hours are held weekly.

Upcoming events

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