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Polje Library

Operating hours

Mon08.0015.00 Tue12.3019.30 Wed12.3019.30 Thu12.3019.30 Fri08.0015.00 Sat/
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Polje 383, 1260 Ljubljana-Polje
01 308 54 10

Head librarian
Matej Štendler


12, 25 (Polje – kolodvor, Polje)

11 B, 20 Z (Polje)


POLJE – n°70

Zadobrovška cesta


Location of library: Polje Library

The tradition of library service in Polje Public Library is old and rich. Our library activity covers the areas of Polje, Novo Polje, Slap, Zadobrova, Sneberje, Vevče and Kašelj. Due to its rich collection of material, however, it is of great interest to non-resident users as well. The library is located in the basement of the old school opposite the church.

Polje Public Library is proud of its wide range of non-fiction literature, books of fiction, children’s books and books for young adults, CDs and films. In the reading room there are more than a hundred titles of newspapers and magazines in Slovene and other languages.

A particularly attractive feature of the library is the play corner, where children experience their first contact with the library, listen to stories, play and reach out for books that are suitable for them. There is story time for little children on a regular basis. Poljane public Library also participates in the UNICEF system of safe points.

We cooperate vith Polje Elementary School on additional German lessons, we are involved with the You-Know-Then-Teach-Somebody-Else movement and occasionally we hold cultural events, workshops, exhibitions and puppet shows in the library.

Upcoming events

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