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Savsko naselje Library

Operating hours

Mon/ Tue09.3019.00 Wed10.0015.00 Thu13.3019.00 Fri/ Sat/
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Dostop za osebe na vozičku
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Belokranjska ulica 2, 1000 Ljubljana
01 308 53 40

Head librarian
Katja Jevc


2 (Savsko naselje)
12, 27 (Središka)
7, 19, 22 (Savske stolpnice)


Savska cesta 1


Location of library: Savsko naselje Library

Savsko naselje Library is a small library but has a collection of library materials and technical equipment that serves well to the needs of the local population.

The library extends across two floors. On the ground floor the department for fiction, the adult film collection, as well as the children and youth materials are located. A neatly arranged corner, the fairy-tale rom, is also located on this floor.

The professional materials are located on the first floor where a modern and well-illuminated reading room is available for reading.

Throughout the library comfortable spaces with couches and tables are arranged, where our users may use their laptops and our wireless network.

The ramp at the entrance to the library enables access to the disabled and to families with strollers.

The Savsko naselje Library – associated with the word.

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