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Zalog Library

Operating hours

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Agrokombinatska 2, 1000 Ljubljana
01 308 54 30

Head librarian
Jožica Božič


11, 20Z (Zadružni dom)


ZALOG – n°71
Zaloška cesta


Location of library: Zalog Library

The Zalog library is operating from September 2016 onward within the Business-Administrative Centre Zalog. The library extends over 318 m2 of space that is designed to provide easy access to our services. The emphasis is on forming services for families, encouragement of reading, inclusion into the processes of lifelong learning, attendance of events and spending free time.

Within the library a special collection of minerals, fossils, and rocks that was formed and professionally arranged by dr. Bogdan Jurkovšek and dr. Teja Kolar Jurkovšek is exhibited. Through the collection the library wants to raise interest for sciences to all age groups of library users and inhabitants of Zalog.

The library is divided in the space of lending materials, several readers’ corners, the media collection room, an up-to-date fairy-tale and play-room, a magazine reading room, the studying space with an e-point, space for creative workshops for children and adults, multifunctional space for events and the gallery.

Our users borrow materials through RFID system that will eventually be upgraded by book-machines, located at the entrance to the library to enable returning of materials when the library is closed.

The library equipment is modern, functional, and flexible. It enables easy access to materials and services and is adjusted to various age groups of users. Special attention has been paid to designing the interior for children and the youth.

With bright spaces at a proper location the library has become a significant factor of everyday pulse of the local community. In it reading groups, art exhibits, children art workshops, and other well visited events take place.

Upcoming events

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