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Terms and Conditions

You are located at the web portal of the Ljubljana City Library (LCL). Your access to this web portal and its use are regulated by these general rules as well as by some laws. By accessing this web portal, you confirm that you are acquainted with these general conditions, that you comply with them, and that you are obliged by the provisions of these general conditions. The LCL withholds the right to change or edit these general conditions without prior notice. We therefore recommend that you get regularly reacquainted with the possible changes and editions of these general conditions that will be published on this web portal. For all persons who access this web portal the term user is used.

Declaration on the protection of rights derived from the copyright legislation

The LCL allows the viewing and transfer of materials available on these web pages for personal and non-commercial use exclusively, if notifications on copyright and ownership of materials are always preserved in all copies of original materials. Any changing, reproduction, public broadcasting, execution, distribution and other advertising or commercial use of materials, published on web pages of the LCL is prohibited. In accordance with these conditions it is prohibited to use the aforesaid materials on any other web page or on networked computer environment for any purpose without prior consent. Materials available on the internet are protected by valid copyright legislation and so any unauthorised use is regarded as a breach of the laws on protection of copyright and trademark or other legal provisions. If you breach these conditions, all permissions for the use of this web portal are automatically terminated, and you should delete all transferred or printed materials.

Declaration on acceptability

The LCL despite of its endeavours does not take the responsibility for possible mistakes (which may appear due to chronological inconsistencies, errors at publishing, or due to other reasons) in content, regularity, and exactness of the published data. These are of informational nature only, and should therefore be mandatorily checked with the staff of the LCL.

All contents on this web portal are subject to change and may at any time become inaccurate or wrong. The LCL does not guarantee the perfectness or updatedness of the contents of this web portal.

The LCL may at any time and without prior notice change the contents of this web portal; it may also at any time improve or change the web portal.

Likewise, the LCL is not responsible for:

  • exactness or reliability of any opinion, advice or statement, published on the web portal by a third person.
  • any content published on connected web pages
  • property or reliability of any product or service acquired on connected web pages

The LCL is not responsible for the shape and content of data mediated through hyperlinks to other informational servers.

Web cookies

Web cookies (cookies) are small files that are sent during the visit from the server to the user’s browser, which then saves them to the user’s device (computer, tablet, smart phone).

On the web page cookies are used with which information about the manner of the use of the web page are gathered. These are cookies that through the information about the internet protocol address (IP) enable the analysis of the frequency and the content of browsing the portal as well as some behavioural patterns of the user (such as the user’s interests, habits, behaviour, choices, settings).

The LCL uses its own cookies on the web page and at the same time enables the chosen third persons to set on the user’s device their won cookies (so called third-party cookies). By consenting to use the cookies the user gives consent to the LCL and to third persons (Google, Google Analytics, YouTube).

Limitation of responsibility

All texts, pictures and other contents shown on the web site are chosen and edited by the owner of the web site and are merely informational data. Despite their informational nature the owner – in case you want to develop business ties – is not responsible for the exactness and accurateness of these data.

Intellectual property on the web site, including audio and video contents, is protected. The LCL abides by the provisions of the Act on Authorial and Similar Rights and uses authorial and authorially protected contents in accordance with the above-mentioned act.

Privacy policy

By registering at this web site, you agree that the LCL collects, processes and keeps the forwarded personal data in accordance with the legislation, while you can at any time demand to erase the information from the database. The LCL commits to careful handling of the data in accordance with the legislation, and will not forward it to unauthorized persons.

Declaration on privacy of information

In the Declaration on Privacy of Information the LCL’s policy concerning collecting, use and protection of data about registered users on this website is defined.

Following the activity on the web site

When you browse this web portal and are not registered for any web service of the LCL, you browse anonymously. While you browse, we do not gather your personal data – such as name and surname or email, but we do follow, how our portal is used both by anonymous as well as registered users. One way of following, which we use, is generally known under the name cookie; it is a short textual set, which we send to your browser. Cookies gather information, including the data about the server your computer is connected to, the type of your browser (e.g. Internet Explorer or Firefox) and the data on whether you have responded to a banner or other type of advertisement through another (and which) website or connection through e-mail or RSS content. The cookie cannot gather any information from your disk, spread computer viruses or record your e-mail address or any kind of personal data. Your browser may be set so that you are informed when a cookie is installed to your browser. Your browser may also be set to either accept or reject all cookies.

Data gathered during registration

When you become a registered user of this web portal, you mandatorily forward the following data:

  • name and surname
  • username
  • e-mail address
  • the desired password

Data gathered after registration

Once you are registered for the use of a particular web service, the LCL may gather data about:

  • your use of the web portal
  • your use of the web services of the LCL to which you have registered.

Data gathered while filling in forms on the web portal

By confirming the filled in data you allow the LCL to process them in its databases and use them for the following purposes: statistical processing, processing of the past behaviour on the web portal, notification of users about the possible errors of services, sending offers, promotional materials, greeting cards, prize competitions, in advertisement purposes, and for invitations to events. Communication takes place in electronic form.

How we use you e-mail address

Your e-mail address may be used for sending you the following type of electronic notifications:

  • occasional notifications about our services,
  • changes to business and opening hours,
  • regular electronic news about events and activities of the LCL,
  • other notifications you have registered to.

Terms of use of informational sources

Terms of use of data databases, e-magazines, and other e-sources which the LCL provides in collaboration with the National and University Library and consortium partners on its own or foreign servers.

Databases and electronically reachable materials (e-books, magazines etc.) on the servers of NUL, CTL, LCL and other consortium members are to be used in accordance with the valid legislation and generally accepted social norms of behaviour and the signed licence contracts, which were signed with the publishers or producers by the NUL, CTL, LCL and other consortium members, bearing in mind your material and penal responsibility.

  • Data from databases and other e-sources must not be (directly or indirectly) copied, distributed, sold, or used to build your own database, except if it is allowed for an individual database in its licence terms. Only one copy of lists of individual searches in electronic or paper form is allowed for study, research or pedagogical purposes.
  • Acquired data may only be used for non-profit purposes in the frame of educational and research activities.
  • Texts, acquired from e-sources should not be changed, adapted, transmitted or used for excerpts.
  • You are supposed to respect the prohibition of interlibrary loan and mediation of documents for so gathered materials.
  • You must take care of the secrecy of the awarded password (when needed for the use of services) and should not forward it to other persons.
  • You must observe the secrecy of data, owned by other users of the network. You must not access data, software, services, and usernames on computers or networks you are not entitled to.
  • Databases and other e-sources are to be accessed from the premises of the LCL in the area of the city of Ljubljana and other contractual municipalities, except in cases when access from other locations is explicitly allowed.
  • The user himself provides for the technical conditions for accessing servers in the NUL, CTL or elsewhere (network, installation and maintenance of the client).
  • The LCL together with the consortium partners bears no responsibility for the perfectness, accuracy and truthfulness of the data from the databases or for any damage made while using the data or working with the server for CD-ROMs. The LCL cannot take any responsibility in case of withdrawal of database(s) from the servers or in cases of non-functional servers.
  • Breaching the stated terms of use will result in an immediate interruption of access to databases and other informational sources that are the subject of this declaration. Abuse of the databases and other informational sources is a punishable offence. In cases of potential disputes, the proper court in Ljubljana bears the jurisdiction.