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Reserving a computer

Reservation of e-points is assisted by the programme MyPC.

When logging into MyPC you can select:

  • the branch
  • location in the branch
  • type of computer and
  • the day when you wish to use it.

The program shows a list of all computers in the selected location. Click on the timeline for when you wish to use the selected computer. Reservation for a computer can be made 7 days in advance.

The use of e-points and the number of reservations of e-points are limited by the Rules of Ljubljana City Library.

The user receives a notice 15, 7 and 2 minutes before the expiration of time and warning notice regarding storing data on external storage media.

The reservation expires and computer is free for the next user if a member does not log in 10 minutes after the reserved term.

The use of e-points is free of charge for members of the Ljubljana City Library, other visitors are obliged to pay for use according to current library price-list.

Following types of personal computers are available:

  • Info terminals (personal computer for quick access to the Internet)
    Use is limited to 15 minutes and it is free of charge for all library users.
  • Basic personal computers (e-points) are free to use for library members. They can be used only by members which have no financial obligations to the library. They can use all the basic programs of the operating system, office tools, and other preloaded software. 
    Using time for members of the library is limited to 60 minutes and optionally renewable once.
    This time limit applies to the use of basic personal computers throughout the network of LCL and not just in one location.

 Stipulations on use

  • Library takes no responsibility for any loss of documents that have been created and stored in the computer by a user. 
  • It is recommended to store the documents on portable data storage devices. 
  • Library takes no responsibility for the transfer of copyright data to portable data storage devices from the e-point computers.
  • E-point computers are intended for writing documents and searching for information on the Internet. Adjusted to this purpose is also the software installed in the computers and specified in the Ljubljana City Library Regulations on the Software Installed in Personal Computers for Employees and Users. 
  • The users have material responsibility for all deliberate damages to and abuses of hardware and/or software that occur during their use. 
  • The user should inform the responsible librarian about any damage he/she has noticed on the e-point before he/she started using it. 
  • The number of concurrent users on one computer can be limited by the librarian.
  • Total ban on food and drinks on any e-point. 
  • In case of any breach the responsible librarian has the power to stop the user’s work on the computer and, depending on the severity of his/her breach, revoke the user’s opportunity to use e-points in the library.