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Grba Library

Operating hours

Mon12.3019.30 Tue8.0015.00 Wed12.3019.30 Thu12.3019.30 Fri8.0015.00 Sat/
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Cesta na Brdo 63, 1000 Ljubljana
01 308 57 80

Head librarian
Petra Cigut


14, 14B (Viško polje)


Cesta na Brdo


Location of library: Grba Library

The library is located at the ground floor of a modern business-residential complex Nova Grbina by the road to Brdo. Its ground floor location makes the library easily accessible to parents using baby carriages, to the elderly and to the physically disabled.

The library extends over 212 square metres of comfortable, modern and diverse space, where over 26.000 units of library materials are available. A bright, spacious reading room is available to all who like to read or browse through magazines or newspapers. The youth department is physically separated from the rest of the library. It’s a place where the youngest may play and hang out with their peers.

On a monthly basis there are literary evenings for adults when quality literature is read and discussed by a group. There are also regular professional lectures for all interests. With fairy-tale hours regular care is shown for our youngest visitors and on major holidays youth workshops are organized by the library as well.

Upcoming events

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