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Central regional library

In 2008 the Ljubljana City Library as a legal successor to the Oton Župančič Library became the central regional library (CRL) of the central Slovenian region. The Librarianship Act states that CRL is a library, which on the grounds of a contract with the Ministry of Culture and by consent of its founder handles certain special tasks for a wider region.

The Central Slovenian region covers 16 % of the Slovenian territory (29 municipalities) and 25 % of the whole population of Slovenia (550 000 inhabitants). Beside the municipalities of the Ljubljana urban region it also covers three municipalities of the Inner Carniola: Cerknica, Bloke and the Loška dolina.

The LCL’s network unites 35 libraries, of which beside the Slovanska Library and the Trubar Literature House, 21 are located in Ljubljana, while 14 are operating in the suburban municipalities: Brezovica, Dobrova – Polhov Gradec, Horjul, Ig, Škofljica, Velike Lašče, Vodice, Medvode ter Dol pri Ljubljani.

Tasks of the central regional library

  • providing increased and more demanding choice of library materials and information,
  • professional assistance to libraries from its area, which includes cooperation at planning of the development of the information system.
  • coordination of collecting, processing, and keeping local history materials,
  • directing of written off materials from its area.

Public libraries of the Central Slovenian region

  • Ljubljana City Library: MOL, Brezovica, Dobrova – Polhov Gradec, Dol pri Ljubljani, Horjul, Ig, Medvode, Škofljica, Velike Lašče and Vodice,
  • Domžale Library: Domžale, Lukovica, Mengeš, Moravče and Trzin,
  • City Library Grosuplje: Grosuplje, Dobrepolje and Ivančna Gorica,
  • City Library of France Balantič Kamnik: Kamnik and Komenda,
  • Cankar’s Library Vrhnika: Vrhnika, Borovnica and Log – Dragomer,
  • Jože Udovič Library Cerknica: Cerknica, Bloke and Loška dolina,
  • Library Litija: Litija and Šmartno pri Litiji,
  • Library Logatec: Logatec,
  • Library Medvode: Medvode.

The team of the CRL, comprised of the representatives of all CRLs, has in 2005 formed and in 2008 revised The Mission and Vision of Central Regional Libraries. The coordinator of all CRLs is the National and University Library.

Within special tasks of the central regional library the LCL offers to users from the Central Slovenian region free of charge inter-library loan of scientific and study materials.


Ana Zdravje, M. Sc., coordinator of regionality

Anja Frković Tršan, regional coordinator of local histories activity