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Bežigrad Library

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Mon12.3019.30 Tue12.3019.30 Wed12.3019.30 Thu8.0015.00 Fri8.0015.00 Sat8.0013.00
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Einspielerjeva ulica 1, 1000 Ljubljana
01 308 53 00

Head librarian
Nataša Grubar Praček


6, 8, 11, 19, 22 (Astra)
14, 14B (Hranilniška)
7, 20, 22 (Bežigrad)


Dunajska cesta 50


Location of library: Bežigrad Library

Bežigrad library is one of the largest libraries within the LCL and is divided into departments that facilitate different age and target groups.

The youngest can borrow playbooks from children and youth department while picture books and tales are available for older children.

A separate part of the library is provided for the youth – furnished with couches and an LCD screen, where they can watch films and play board games. The permanent exhibition of Kristina Brenk is also set up here.

Adults have two reading rooms at their disposal: the newspaper reading room on the ground floor and the studies reading room at the first floor. 

The film department provides a large collection of movies that may be borrowed home or watched at our LCD screen.

Events for adults are numerous and diversified. Weeklong or all-yearlong foreign language educational courses are also being organized.

There is a rich choice of library materials: professional literature and works of fiction for all ages, daily newspapers and magazines in several languages and a collection of non-book materials.

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