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dr. France Škerl Library

Operating hours

Mon12.3019.00 Tue12.3019.00 Wed10.0015.00 Thu12.3019.00 Fri10.0015.00 Sat//
Internet access
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Vojkova cesta 87a, 1000 Ljubljana
01 308 53 20

Head librarian
Tamara Banko


20 (Nove Stožice)
6, 8, 11 (Smelt)
13 (Center Stožice)


Vojkova cesta 91


Location of library: dr. France Škerl Library

The library is located in the BS3 neighbourhood and is easily accessible. It offers toy collection that may be borrowed home. Toys are intended for children from year one, but also for the youth and adults who can choose among board games.

Beside quality and didactic games the library offers works of fiction as well as professional and popular books to the adults.

Our reading room provides space for reading newspapers and magazines. Three computer spots provide internet access and facilitate the printing needs of our users.

The first floor contains a hall where travelogues are being held twice a month. Courses of German, French, and Spanish language as well as lessons of bobbin lace making are also held in the hall.

Each month a thematic exhibition is set up at our exhibiting spots next to the entrance of the library.

Upcoming events

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