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Come to the library with your personal ID and Urbana card and register to the library by settling your membership fee. Urbana may also be bought in the library.

Registration of children below 15 years of age is possible in the presence of parents or guardians on the basis of their and their children’s personal IDs. The youth from 15 years on may register on their own with their personal ID.

Urbana – membership card

The use of library services is only possible with the membership card – city card Urbana that you may buy and put credit on in the library.

Preschool children receive Urbana free of charge when registering. You may choose an Urbana card that the child will use also for other city services in Ljubljana or an Urbana that will only be used for library services.

Managing membership

An expired membership may be extended personally when visiting the library or on-line through Cobiss+.

Registration for institutions

Business firms gain the right to one Urbana card by registering, while public organizations may use more Urbana cards.

Registration and membership may be settled at

Online registration

Registration from home is intended for the adults, who are not yet members of the library.

After the registration and payment of the membership fee, you may access: e-books platform Biblos, audiobooks platform Audibook, e-movies platform Kanopy.