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Slovanska Library

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Einspielerjeva ulica 1, 1000 Ljubljana
01 308 56 02

Head librarian
Tomaž Miško


6, 8, 11, 19, 22 (Astra)
14, 14B (Hranilniška)
7, 20, 22 (Bežigrad)


Dunajska cesta 50


Location of library: Slovanska Library

Slovanska Library is part of the Ljubljana City Library and acts as The Centre of Local History Studies and Special Collection of the Humanities. Since its post-war foundation it has been a special, study-based type of library, in the field of culture: the humanities, Slavonic studies and translations and activities relating to local history. Acting as a special type of library within the family of Ljubljana public libraries it continues to perform tasks for which it is best qualified with its library material, library space and well-established orientation. Thus we perform tasks relating to local history studies and act as a well-equipped reading room with a rich collection of literature for study for all users of LCL.

Short History

  • 1901: Mayor of Ljubljana Ivan Hribar acted on the initiative of archivist Anton Aškerc and allowed the establishment of the town hall library. It functioned as part of the City Archives.
  • 1936: The City Professional Library became fully operational in December.
  • 1946: the Slovanska Library was established on 1st March. It was opened to the public on 20th February 1946. It received the material from The City Professional Library.
  • 2000: In summer Slovanska Library moved to the new building on Einspieler Street 1 together with Bežigrad Library.

The library houses rich material suitable for study, scientific or professional work in the field of Slavonic studies, Slovene studies, literary studies, history, philosophy, art history, ethnology, religious studies and sociology. Since its foundation in 1946, two special goals of the Slovanska Library have been set: collecting, processing, keeping and presenting the material which deals with Ljubljana and the surrounding area and collecting books and periodicals in Slavonic languages. The entire library collection has about 180.000 units.

The material can be borrowed for home use or alternatively only for reading rooms.

The Slovanska Library houses material on the area of 1.000 m2. 670 m2 are intended for its members – the large, the newspaper and the computer reading rooms are air-conditioned and offer 60 comfortably equipped study spots, eight computers, two microfilm readers, wireless internet. If you need more privacy for your study you can rent for a period of two weeks one of the six study cells.

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