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Ljubljana City Library is part of the library-information system, which connects most of the Slovenian libraries and information centres. In all our branches you can use personal computers for browsing through the open public access catalog COBISS+.

COBISS+ provides libraries and library users with online access to the following databases:

  • COBIB.SI union bibliographic/catalog database – a shared catalog of Slovene libraries participating in the COBISS.SI system
  • local databases – catalog of libraries in the COBISS.SI system
  • other databases in the COBISS.SI system – information in specialised databases that are a part of the COBISS.SI system
  • other information resources – foreign and domestic specialized databases

Access to the electronic catalogue COBISS/OPAC from: 

Search modes:

In the COBIB.SI union bibliographic/catalog database, local databases of libraries and other databases you can use one of the following search modes:

  1. Basic search – enter words or a phrase, click find and receive search results.
  2. Advanced search – use the search form; select the search fields that can be combined using logical operators.
  3. Expert search – form your own search request with the correct search syntax, however, you need to be familiar with the structure of bibliographic records.

You can select the search mode which suits you most in the given situation. Basic search is intended for general inquiries. With advanced and expert search you can narrow down the search results by creating more specific search requests.