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Jarše Library

Operating hours

Mon12.3019.00 Tue12.3019.00 Wed12.3019.00 Thu08.0015.00 Fri08.0015.00 Sat//
Internet access
Cobiss catalogue


Clevelandska ulica 17-19, 1000 Ljubljana
01 308 54 40

Head librarian
Marisa Čebular


2, 7, 12 (Nove Jarše)
19B, 19I (Nove Žale)



Citypark – Šmartinska 152 g


Location of library: Jarše Library

Jarše Library is situated in the Nove Jarše residence area where it has everything the patrons of this little library need: library material in the young adult and adult section, a reading room with newspapers and magazines, story time, travel talks, book presentations, art and book exhibitions, prize quizzes.

The film school is this library’s specialty. The head librarian of the library has displayed quality in transferring her knowledge of films into the activity in order to recognize a good film and increase one’s knowledge of the film world. She put in a great deal of effort in the last decade to attract preschool children. Later she continued with school children and today the film school includes also the adult group of film lovers.

Upcoming events

The list of upcoming events is empty