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Prežihov Voranc Library

Operating hours

Mon8.0019.30 Tue8.0019.30 Wed8.0019.30 Thu10.0019.30 Fri8.0019.30 Sat08.0013.00
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UNICEF safe spot
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Tržaška cesta 47a, 1000 Ljubljana
01 308 57 00

Head librarian
Barbara Marinčič


6, 6B (Glince)
1 (Jadranska)


Tržaška cesta 37


Location of library: Prežihov Voranc Library

Prezihov Voranc Library is a big, bright and spacious library. It is the biggest library in the Vič area and it offers a wide range of library material.

We organize many performances and events for all generations in our library. While your children enjoy their story time, you can exchange ideas about the books you have read. Visit us and treat yourself to a thought-provoking discussion or just drop in for a chat in good company. Or you can see an exhibition in our gallery section.

A pleasant ambience is waiting for you also in our comfortable reading room where you can have access to many magazines and daily newspapers.

Access to the library and movement inside are easy for disabled persons on wheelchairs as well as for young mothers with prams.

Upcoming events