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Continuing English language course

The 16-hour English course will be held once a week. We have designed it for those who want to refresh their skills to communicate successfully in basic situations. Successful work requires A1 level knowledge.

Anyone interested in joining the group is welcome to contact


Some highlights from the content:

– How to introduce yourself, reviewing the alphabet, numbers, verbs in the infinitive,

– Vocabulary: family, pronouns, present simple and present continuous,

– Vocabulary: hour, days of the week, months, present simple in present continuous advanced (interrogative and nominative forms) and consolidation,

– Vocabulary: colours, food, plurals, uncountable nouns, Wh-questions,

– vocabulary – body parts, past simple,

– Vocabulary – clothes, past simple advanced (interrogative and nominal forms) and consolidation,

– Vocabulary: animals, gradation of adjectives, introduction to modal verbs,

– introduction to business English, introduction to the future tense.


The programme will be adapted according to interests and skills of the participants.