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Ivica Đikić
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Ivica Đikić


When animals have seen something and they dilligently gather on the adjacent hill, the author does not parody the apparitions that happen to humans. We can feel his understanding of the original, respectful apparition, which we cannot and must not overlook. In the novel, Đikić portrays a social system based on lies and deception, as well as on political games and a lot of pretence. In the allegorical story and in an expressive form, Albert Koc tries to defend the position of an individual who »just worked« in his profession. When the system fails, the fate of political victim is destined for him. The writter avoids comments so that his text keeps us in constant desire to decipher it and connect it to reality. As the former editor of the well-known Croatian newspapers Slobodna Dalmacija, Feral tribune, Novi list and Novosti, and the screenwriter for the world renowned series Novine, which is shown on HBO and Netflix, Ivica Đikić (born in Tomislavgrad, 1977) remains great authority on the Croatian political and media scene. From the content:

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