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Hugh Howey
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Hugh Howey


Dust is the final part of the trilogy about life in a post-apocalyptic world that has moved to underground silos due to the destructive air. Juliette, the leader of Silo 18, successfully returns from visiting a neighbouring silo where she met Sola and the last few survivors from Silo 17. As she survived the walk on the otherwise deadly surface due to the use of the right equipment, she casts doubt on the impossibility of life outside the silos. She begins to wonder who has a vested interest in keeping everyone below and soon discovers a map of the silos, which shows their possibility to survive. Contacting the allies from other silos, she is horrified to discover that only one will survive. A mutiny starts and its anything but easy. Hugh Howey originally wrote the short story Wool, which he then expanded into a novel and published as an e-book. It was widely acclaimed by readers and was followed by the second part (Shift) and the third (Dust). The trilogy was also made into a TV series which started airing in 2023.

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