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Fourth wing

Rebecca Yarros
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Rebecca Yarros

Fourth wing

Violet Sorrengail, 20, is facing a major turning point in her life. Although she wants to be a clark herself, she has to attend the Dragon Riders’ School at Basgiath Military College, according to her mother’s wishes. Every day, the pupils fight for survival, each trying to get one of the dragons to bond with him. Tiny but stubborn Violet is not ready to give up, despite the physical advantage of the other candidates. She becomes a thorn in the side of Xaden, the head of the department, whose father was killed for rebelling against the system. The Fourth Wing has become a sensation on the social network TikTok and is the first part of a pentalogy about the Empyrean saga. The beautifully drawn fantasy world of dragons, the struggle for supremacy and the sparkling chemistry between the characters are a recipe for a bestseller. (EZ)

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