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Goodbye Sarajevo

Atka Reid
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Atka Reid

Goodbye Sarajevo

Memorial notes of the experiences of the Sarajevo family with ten children during the Bosnian war are written by two sisters: twelve-years old Hana, who was sent with the last bus convoy to Croatia, where she lived the life of a refugee, and Atka, young adult, who stayed at home and tried to support the family by working on the radio and translating for foreign journalists. The narrations of the sisters intertwine and complement each other, the details of narration show the true dimensions of suffering of the people, who found themselves in the besieged city. A true story of love, courage and determination to survive is breath-taking. Originally the book was published in 2011 in England, and in 2013 it was translated back into the Bosnian. (VVŠ)

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