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Greek lessons

Kang Han
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Kang Han

Greek lessons

A man who is losing his sight and a woman who has become mute meet in Seoul. The woman attends ancient Greek classes given by a young professor. Throughout the novel, the two, unnamed throughout, conceal their inability to see or speak. They share a traumatic past (loss of custody of a child, death of a loved one) and a social environment in which they have not found their place. Despite all this, they will open their hearts to each other fleetingly. Through a highly lyrical prose, the author reveals the meaning of the (dead) language, which represents a point of contact for two isolated individuals. With a profound philosophical sense, she tackles the multiple meanings of words as their essence. An abstract work without the support of a distinct story, it brings fragments that give the reader a tiny glimpse into the deepest layers of language. (EZ)

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