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Honeybees and distant thunder

Riku Onda
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Riku Onda

Honeybees and distant thunder

The Japanese writer Riku Onda’s novel embodies the essence of music. In a small Japanese town near Tokyo a preliminary to a prestigious competition for budding pianists is being held. Winning the competition propels young talents to international recognition and is the ticket to the world of professional musicians for them. Through the competition we follow four young pianists: Jin, Aya, Masuri and Akashi. This poetically written novel is all-though permeated with music. The chapters are named after different types of songs and musical compositions. The protagonists feel a strong personal connection with sounds such as the buzzing of bees or the stamp of horses walking on water. Their lives intertwine and they unknowingly impact the fate of one another. This novel is a treat for classical music lovers.

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