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How to give up plastic

Will McCallum
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Will McCallum

How to give up plastic

We are faced with information about the overuse of plastic and horrific scenes of marine animals harmed or even killed by this plastic products almost on a daily basis. That the plastic is a major problem and that the solution is nowhere in sight is a fact. But we as individuals have a responsibility to do our best to contribute to solving the problem. Will McCallum is a prominent representative of organisation the Greenpeace, as he is Head of the Ocean Department at its UK branch. He shares his knowledge and ideas on how we can abstain from the overuse of plastic products and replace them with more sustainable ones and how to avoid single-use plastic products as much as possible. He advocates »zero waste« mentality and encourages us to adapt our lives to be as sustainable as possible in every way. He also encourages us to take a preacher’s stance and spread to our own friends and acquaintances the message of the harmfulness of plastic. The author is convinced that each individual lifestyle change contributes to a better tomorrow. (NA)

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