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Svaka kokoš može napisati knjigu

Tanja Miličić
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Tanja Miličić

Svaka kokoš može napisati knjigu

Tanja Miličić Cepernić was born in Varaždin. She attended university in Zagreb and graduated in journalism. She has worked as an editor, journalist and proofreader. Svaka kokoš može napisati knjigu is her debut novel. Tanja meets Jurica on the island of Brač, where she has been going on holiday with her family since childhood. Jurica is a local whose eye and soul belong only to her. This humorous story of a couple, a young family living between Varaždin and Postire, is a story that could be written about many couples and young families, with all their relatives, friends, worries, happy times and “dissolving” in the clear sea. It echoes the Brač dialect and includes the Varaždin dialect, so the reading experience is all the better for it. When the life of her beloved Jurica comes to an end, Tanja is set in the days and years of mourning. Then there are the memories of love, of an event that throws everything off the rails, that stops, slows down thoughts and actions. There is survival for the sake of the children, Ivna and Mislav, the job, the departures to Brač, the support of friends, the whiteness of the snow and the blue sea, the cold continental northerner and the bora, the afternoon maestral wind, her mother’s departure, the visiting turtle dove and the years that pass. One life, described with the importance of being of each one of us. The story we are reading is a profound love, psychological, social novel. (SS)

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