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The embassy of Cambodia

Zadie Smith
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Zadie Smith

The embassy of Cambodia

Fatou is a young, intelligent woman who has moved to London. She works as a housekeeper for a wealthy family, where she also lives. The family is rude to her and they humiliate her. But Fatou is a confident, thoughtful and compassionate woman who knows how to enjoy the little things. Every Sunday she goes swimming. She is the youngest there and the only one with a dark complexion. She has a friend, Andrew, with whom she gets together and talks about all life issues. She often walks past the embassy, which lies behind a high fence and where one can hear badminton being played all the time. Fatou can only see the ball swishing through the air. When her employer unexpectedly and without reason fires her and slides her passport under the door, she is completely disappointed and embarrassed. Her only luck is that she has Andrew to take her in. She wonders why there are such differences between people, why some are wealthy while others barely survive, and whether we are born to suffer (MCM).

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