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The night house

Jo Nesbø
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Jo Nesbø

The night house

In Ballantyne, teenager Richard Elauved is considered a weirdo and a scoundrel, so he doesn’t have many friends. He shows Tom an old telephone box. When Tom jokingly calls one of the numbers in the phone book they find in the booth, the receiver slowly eats him whole. Richard is shocked, but none of the adults believe him when he tells them what happened to Tom. Soon, another of Richard’s acquaintances disappears in a bizarre way. Richard becomes the target of rumours and slowly slides into despair, unable to produce any evidence of his innocence. Nesbø’s writing this time departs from the classic detective stories and flirts with the macabre and the grotesque in Stephen King’s works. The novel is sure to remind horror fans a little of the book “It”. A chilling, gripping story where the past influences the future and vengeful thoughts drive the society. (EZ)

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