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The Suspect

Antun Šoljan
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Antun Šoljan

The Suspect

First the crime, then the finding out who is the perpetrator. This great “whodunit” detective story is from the 1950s. The novel was first published as a feuilleton in the Globus under the title Jednostavno umorstvo (Simple Murder), but was later published under the pseudonym A. T. Solar. You can find out more interesting facts about the author and the novel in the preface and the accompanying text, written by Mario Kolar and Pavao Pavličić. Inspector Horvat is called to the field. The location: the inn Zvono. A man’s body has been found in the women’s toilets. At the time the man was supposed to have died there were many people present at the inn. It is the inspector’s task to find out who among the crowd was the murderer. He first, of course, seeks evidence, motive. He is assisted by his good friend, lawyer Matetić, who is interested in the work of criminologists. In the course of his research we become acquainted with the city of Zagreb like it was at the time the novel was written, and follow complicated situations, streets teeming with dealers, and secrets from the past that get darker and darker. (SS)

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