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Universal basic income

Brian McDonough
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Brian McDonough

Universal basic income

Imagine a world in which an individual receives a monthly income unconditionally and without the need to work. For some, the universal basic income (UBI) represents the way forward, it is a means to achieve greater equality in the world; for others, it is an absurd idea that is unrealistic and unaffordable.

This English-language book, in contrast to many other texts on the subject, provides a balanced view of the issue, presenting both the arguments for and against UBI. The book provides a theoretical and philosophical basis for it, and analyses case studies of UBI pilot studies in different parts of the world. UBI is analysed from the perspective of precarious work and the status of women, as well as from the perspective of sustainable consumption and the impact on the environment. A special chapter is devoted to criticisms of UBI.

The book provides an insight into the various aspects of UBI and offers a reflection on a topic that is causing a stir among journalists, academics, students and politicians in many societies around the world. (MG)

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