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Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse

J. B. Kaufman
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J. B. Kaufman

Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse

At the beginning of 2024, the copyright on the first image of Mickey Mouse expired after 95 years. Over 500 pages, this is a complete overview of this iconic mouse, invented by Walt Disney as a replacement for Oswald the rabbit when he became the property of Universal. Walt and his colleagues became innovators, and the humorous shorts soon came to have sound and musical accompaniment, which required a lot of work from the animators. Already after the first screenings, the cute, funny and good-natured mouse won the hearts of many. The book describes all the key and best-known cartoons with extensive illustrations, photographs, sketches and plans. Mickey Mouse has become a worldwide phenomenon, his adventures have been the subject of many comic books and magazines, he has appeared in films, Disneyland theme parks have been set up, and to this day, Mickey Mouse merchandise is one of the most widely recognised brands. An excellent book full of interesting facts, providing an insight into the golden, silver and modern eras of the Disney empire. (EZ)

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