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AD HOC 2023: Mladenovska – Tešija, Simić, Pečar

The poetry of the Macedonian poet Julijana Mladenovska – Tešija will be depicted in music and art by Miloš Simić, violinist of the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra, and painter and musician Nina Pečar. The original poems will be interpreted by the author and the Slovenian translation by Vinsent Vilčnik and Namita Subiotto. The AD hoc is chaired by Petra Koršič.

Julijana Mladenovska – Tešija is a philosopher, theologian, activist and lecturer in philosophy at the Evangelical Theological College in Osijek. She has written a dozen peer-reviewed articles and is the recipient of a 2020 International Peace Research Foundation (IPRAF) fellowship. She has published two books of poetry, On Sigmund Freud’s Couch (2021, in Macedonian and Croatian) and The House, a collection for which she received the 2022 Ante’s Pen Award (for best poetry manuscript) in North Macedonia. This year, she is a guest of the traditional Prešernovo oro event, organised by the St. Cyril and Methodius Museum in Kranj in cooperation with the Department of Slavonic Studies at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana.