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Inter-Library Loan

Inter-Library loan is a payable service that allows borrowing of library materials not held by the LCL and of materials that are held by the LCL but are currently borrowed. LCL’s materials are also available to other Slovenian Libraries.

All types of library materials may be borrowed or copies may be ordered which are then sent over e-mail.


1.       Through an electronic order form:

2.       Directly from the Cobiss/Opac catalogue

Clicking the “INTERLIBRARY LOAN” button on the chosen material will connect you to the “My library” service. To use it you will need to fill in the membership card number and password that you receive in the library. Write the name of one of the following libraries where you will receive the ordered book into the “Note (Notification data)” section: Bežigrad Library, Jože Mazovec Library, Oton Župančič Library, Prežihov Voranc Library, Šiška Library, Slovanska Library.

3.       Personally in each of our libraries

Delivery and loan time

Delivery time for materials is 2-5 days. On rare occasions, delivery time may be extended. The loan period of materials is set by the library that provides them. Cancellation of order or of application for extended loan period may be communicated personally (each working day between 9.00 and 12.00) over the telephone, on email, or through the “My library” service.


The inter-library loan is a payable service charged in accordance with our price-list. Settled financial obligations towards the LCL are a necessary condition for an inter-library loan order.

  • Borrowing of materials (7 EUR)
  • Electronic transmission of copies (3 EUR)

In case of cancellation of order the potential costs must be settled. Overdue fine or replacement costs for damaged or lost materials are set by the borrowing library in accordance with the borrowing library’s price-list.

Within the framework of its tasks as a Central-regional library the Ljubljana City Library provides a free of charge interlibrary loan of professional or reference materials, borrowed for the purposes of studies, to users from the libraries of the central-Slovenian region.