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Colors of the Earth

Elvedin Nezirović
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Elvedin Nezirović

Colors of the Earth

While researching his own family in the 1970’s and 1980’s, Nezirović reveals the ways of his father’s absence. Having the warmth of the Herzegovian soul, he takes us almost naively, with no big words, to Mostar and the surrounding towns. We get to know the characters with their own consciousness who upen up and do not hide kindness to a stranger. The expectation that everyone has something that we have too, and that the lost father from familiy portaits really exists, keeps the reader’s attention to the story. It seems as if the author speaks about the state in which he was before he became a father himself. When he writes about the war, he doesn’t politicize and seek answers in others. With the minimalism of the monotonously written dairy notations or in letters to his mother, he induces us to imagine and descover the inner world of his character.

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