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Setting up a Reading Motivator in the Digital Age: Introducing New Approaches of Reading for Pleasure Pedagogy in Primary Schools (MORE)




To empower elementary school students with a good reading experience regardless of their reading competency; to provide seminars in Reading for Pleasure Pedagogy for teachers and ideas on how to apply these approaches in the curriculum.


Students between the ages of 9 and 11, teachers, public librarians


The LCL is a partner in the project Setting up a Reading Motivator in the Digital Age in the Erasmus+ programme, KA220-SCH – Cooperation partnerships in school education. The project aims at introducing new approaches to Reading for Pleasure Pedagogy in elementary schools. In addition to the LCL, the project involves partners from three European countries:

  • University of Ljubljana (Project coordinator, Slovenia),
  • Associazione Literacy Italia (Non-profit organization, Italy),
  • Turun Yliopisto (University, Finland),
  • Turun kaupunki – Åbo stad (Public library, Finland).

Activities of the project are: design of a reading motivator profile, training for reading motivators, workshops with students, and the organisation of international project meetings and professional conferences.



Mateja Lesar