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Enhance public library services for visually impaired users through ICT tools and training





Exchange of good practices among collaborating organizations, improving the competencies of librarians in the field of ICT, setting up international network of libraries for cooperation at seeking response to the needs of the blind and the visually impaired users.

Target Group

Employees of public libraries, the blind and the visually impaired users.


The Ljubljana City Library cooperates as partner in the project TECH.LIBRARY within the Erasmus+, KA2: strategic partnerships in adult education programme. The project is intended to perfection of public libraries’ services for blind and visually impaired users, a goal we wish to achieve through the use of ICT tools and training of librarians. In the project beside the LCL six other partners from five European states, Italy, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria and Latvia, cooperate. Five public libraries and one national library participate in the project. Activities, foreseen in the project, are: exchange of examples of good practices, study visits among partners, the production of an on-line platform, of video learning materials and of a manual, the organisation of international project meetings and professional conferences.


Mateja Lesar